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Handcrafted with love by
Deepesh Shrestha

My Name is Deepesh

I was born in 1978 in Kathmandu. I live in Sydney, Australia. 
I’ve always been drawn to the arts: drawing and painting as a kid, music composition as a teenager and photography as an adult. 

My Photography interest was born out of an introduction in the mid nighties by a friend that I’ve known since high school when he got a manual camera from his father as a gift. Then while working at Hits FM, I was in charge of Nepalnews.com. That’s where I got the chance to play with the digital camera for the first time. Later I was introduced to Kasaju Brothers from Cybersansar. They drew me more into digital photography. I even bought their second hand Fuji digital camera. As I’ve grown older, I’ve found that I’m much more attracted to the wilderness and the people that live on the edges of it. Photography is a great way of getting closer to the land and the cultures that inhabit it. Photographs are frozen moments, and when you look at them they became stories. Full of feeling and Full of Life. 
My greatest passion as a photographer is to create imagery that will stir something up in your soul. I believe that imagery can be therapeutic to the ill, can be the inspire to uninspired, and can save the lost. I believe that because that’s what it has done to me.