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Welcome to the new deepesh.com


Welcome to the new design of the deepesh.com, its been a while I wanted to change the design of my website. I wanted showcase my new pictures and share what I am currently into.

These days I am digging into Astrophotography and advanced time-lapse. Its been almost 6 months I am working on a time-lapse of Sydney and surround. I have decided to do this in 4k resolution. I try to shoot at least one time-lapse every week but I am not being able to do so, social obligations! it takes me at least 4-5 hours to shoot one time-lapse (getting to the location, setting up sliders, head, camera, testing and finally shooting) another few hours to edit and compile. After spending so many hours on one 10 secs clip, sometimes I feel it not good enough so I just scrap it.

and again wait for another weekend to shoot…

I have bought few new gears and hacked old ones.. I will keep posting about them here.